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How to Cure Illness Using your Subconscious Mind – Keiko Hoshino

How to Cure Illness Using your Subconscious Mind

In 2004, at the age of 47, Ryuho Okawa suffered a severe life-threatening episode and was rushed to a local hospital. Upon intake, medical examination revealed that Okawa’s heart had stopped. Despite the physicians’ astonished pronouncement that he “should be dead,” Okawa miraculously healed himself using the power of his will and subconscious mind. Today, as the leader of Happy Science, Okawa has dedicated his life to selflessly guide faith seekers towards spiritual development and happiness. With more than 12 million followers, Happy Science is Japan’s fastest growing and most influential spiritual movement.

The upcoming book The New Resurrection: My Miraculous Story of Overcoming Illness and Death (IRH Press USA/ Feb 2020), which is an autobiographical account of Okawa’s miraculous resurrection from physical death*, illustrates that we all harbor an innate ability to will ourselves to “heal from within.” Okawa would like to share his insights with your audience, but, unfortunately, he does not speak English. However, one of his spokespersons, publisher Keiko Hoshino, is well versed in the subject, articulate, fluent in English, and available for interview.

About: Keiko Hoshino, Publishing Director, IRH Press USA Inc.
Originally from Osaka, Japan, Keiko Hoshino was working at a Japanese financial institution in London when she was introduced to Happy Science in 1991 by a friend. After she moved back to Japan in 1994, Hoshino began working full time for Happy Science. She was ordained as a minister in 2000 and transferred to the United States in 2006 to minister in New York, New jersey, Atlanta, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. In August 2018, Hoshino took on the role of Publishing Director for the US branch of Happy Science’s publishing arm, IRH Press.