How To Beat Out Your Competition With Modern Dating Tools

Guest: Sophia Andreeva, Certified Matchmaker and Dating and Relationship Coach

Description: According to The Washington Post, over half of Americans age 18 – 34 have no steady partner. On the website nearly half of U.S. Adults say dating has gotten harder in the last ten years. Our guest, Dating and Relationship Coach and Certified Matchmaker with 15 years of experience, has the largest singles database in the North West. Sophia Andreeva coaches’ men and women how to successfully date in the 21st century. In our conversation Sophia shares the rules of dating communication, the elements of a perfect interaction, the value of spontaneity, and setting up good boundaries from the beginning. If you are frustrated because the social constructs around dating and what’s expected of you has caused too many dating fiascos, you are not alone. Don’t miss this compelling interview with a truly fascinating and cutting-edge coach.

Company: Sophisticated Matchmaking, Inc.


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Host: Tresa Leftenant, Reinventing Her Money