A Wealthy Life for Her…with Tresa Leftenant, CFP®

Honor Your Breakup and Live a Wealthy Life

Topic: Honor Your Breakup and Live a Wealthy Life
Guest: Leah Shephard, Founder of Honor Your Breakup
Description: Has your relationship breakup left you feeling alone, back at square one and wondering if that dream life will every come true? Do you question your confidence to make decisions, question your value and the purpose for carrying on if something you gave everything to still didn’t work? Leah Shephard, Founder of Honor Your Breakup has been exactly where you are. She’s a successful breakup recovery and business coach who helps women who are ready to take back control of their pursuit of happiness and a wealthy life. Tresa and Leah talk about recovering your trust after a breakup, discovering your next step in life and how to build financial and emotional stability now that you are on your own. Tresa opens the show revealing the Five Reinvention Pillars for women who are reinventing their lives after a breakup.

Company: Honor Your Breakup
Email: leah@honoryourbreakup.com.au
Website: https://honouryourbreakup.com.au/
Host: Tresa Leftenant, CFP®, Reinvention Mentor and Money Mindset Guide for Women

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