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Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution

When we think of heaven and the hereafter, we think of the moment when we die. Yet the Great Beyond is so much more, for Heaven is the foundation to our spiritual unfoldment here in the physical life. It is our master key to the spiritual mysteries. Metaphysics teaches that we do not go to heaven just because we have been a good person; rather, we grow to heaven through the gradual, majestic process of spiritual evolution. To become a citizen of heaven, we must first unfold all that we can become. Like grades in school, as we unfold who and what we really are as a soul, step-by-step, we grow spiritually. Mystics call this spiritual growth our ascent.
Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution: A Mystic’s Guide to the Afterlife & Reaching Your Highest Potential, co-authored by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis , inspires us to make our spiritual path a stronger priority in our lives. Based on Barbara’s fifty years of direct clairvoyant experience, she and Dimitri take us on an extraordinary journey through the many spiritual dimensions that exist in the hereafter. They show us a clear picture of what our spiritual growth is all about, what the road to heaven looks like, and how it is the destiny of every soul to eventually reach this spiritual pinnacle. The reader will learn effective meditative exercises with Divine Light to help increase awareness of the spiritual realms and our own potential as a human soul. By connecting with the spiritual worlds, we can unlock our creative potential and accelerate our spiritual growth. Discover the evolutionary process of growing into heaven worlds and our ultimate destination. Learn what various spiritual realms are like, including the astral, mental, etheric and the heavenly dimensions. Find answers to questions like “What will life be like in the hereafter? How do we love? Do my actions here really determine what my life will be in the hereafter? What happens to my talents and accomplishments? Are there cultures, governments, and societies on the other side? Do we see our Loved ones? Do we see God?”
Beautifully illustrated with ten full-color drawings by fine artist Jonathan Wilshire, the breadth and splendor of the spiritual worlds come vividly to life in this beautiful book…one we will want to treasure for the rest of our earthly existence.

Dimitri Moraitis the co-founder and co-spiritual director of Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI) in Encinitas, CA ( An illumined metaphysical teacher, healer and co-author of numerous books (see Barbara Martin above), Dimitri is also the co-creator, with Barbara, of the SAI programs, course curriculums and numerous workshops. Dimitri has been instrumental in bringing Spiritual Arts Institute to the place it is today as a premier metaphysical school. An eloquent speaker on a wide variety of spiritual topics, he has lectured across the country, appeared on numerous radio shows, and leads, with Barbara, the workshops and training classes offered at the Institute.