Wisdom From The Wardrobe

Get The Party Started

After taking a hiatus the Michael Bruce Image Consulting team is back with Season 3 of their podcast “Wisdom From The Wardrobe”, we mean, who really wanted to talk about fashion and style during a Pandemic, right! The big news is that the podcast is also now a weekly radio show, and the team gets the party started by picking up where they left off, a few things have changed during their break but of course some things haven’t. A few laughs, a bit of fun and a little about style are all in store for this week’s listeners, and for those new to “Wisdom From The Wardrobe” or those reacquainting themselves, this week’s episode is a quick get to know your hosts, as well as a look back at the past year form a style stand point, let’s find out if the team wore sweats all year. Enjoy season 3 of “Wisdom From The Wardrobe”, happy listening.