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Get Out of Your Own Way by Freeing Yourself from the Monster of the Mind

Topic: Get Out of Your Own Way by Freeing Yourself from the Monster of the Mind

Guest: Rick Carson, Author, Psychotherapist and
Description: Have you been introduced to your Gremlin, your inner voice who tells you who you are and what to think every single second of every single day? Rick Carson, Author of Taming Your Gremlin will shock and surprise you with his intimate knowledge and understanding of how your Gremlin can sabotage your dreams and make you miserable. Rick has written four books for HaperCollins based on his seminal work Taming your Gremlin, which has had a remarkable track record. Translated into several languages, Taming Your Gremlin has been a consistent seller since 1984. For thousands in a cross-section of cultures and circumstances, the Gremlin-Taming Method serves as a foundation for responding to everyday challenges and for living a satisfying life. Tresa is grateful to have Rick as her guest on the one-year anniversary of A Wealthy Life for Her. This interview is pivotal to making real progress in your pursuit of a wealthy life.
Bio: For over thirty-five years Rick has been a counselor, personal and executive coach, and trainer for mental health professionals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. His work is used in the training of psychotherapists, personal and executive coaches, substance abuse specialists, corrections personnel, teachers, corporate executives, clergy, and others. He is a former faculty member at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and a clinical member and approved supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.
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