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Gerald Hankerson, NAACP Area Conference Presiden and more

Eddie Rye talks to ?

*Gerald Hankerson, NAACP Area Conference President, Alaska, Oregon, Washington comments on his demand for the termination of Seattle School Superintendent Denise Juneau.


*Rita Green, Education Chair, Washington State NAACP and Sebrena Burr, Seattle Public School PTSA Co VP comment on there organizations differences with the Seattle School Board and Superintendent.


*Clyde Merriwether has penned three Op Ed pieces for the Seattle Medium Newspaper critical of the Seattle School Bard and Superintendent.

*Robert Upham, Native American Artist, Gallery Owner, and Activist expresses his dissatisfaction with the Seattle School Superintendent Denise Juneau for the way she has dealt with the Urban Native Education Alliance (UNEA).


*Chukundi Salisbury is a candidate for the Washington State Legislature 37th Legislative District Position 2. He will comment on his vision for the district and the state.