Wisdom From The Wardrobe

Frosted & Fabulous

Get ready to level up your style knowledge with the latest episode of “Wisdom from the Wardrobe!” This episode, our fashion-savvy squad dives headfirst into the hottest trends that came down the world’s fashions runways for the 2023 fall-winter season of style.

From bold beautiful red ensembles, silver fabrics, and leather offerings to quiet luxury and forever pieces there was a lot to uncover. Mix in ties, trains and period inspired dressing, trust us, it’s gonna be a whirlwind of fashion fun!


Join us and strut your way into the season with the most fabulous fall-winter trends of 2023. Designers were going all out, and we’re taking you with us on a fashion journey you won’t want to miss! Remember, it’s not just fashion; it’s style and its Wisdom from the Wardrobe!  Happy Listening!