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From Death to Life – Terri-Ann Russell

Terri-Ann Russell is a Healer, Channel, Past life regressionist and Medium, she lives in Sedona, AZ, she is a wife and mother of 5 children, aged 30 to 10 and author of “From Death to Life”.

In July of 2019, Anthony “Ant” Joseph died from an unexpected medical complication. As quickly as he left his earthly body, he “returned” from the spirit world with knowledge and information to share with his mother, Terri-Ann, about where he was, what he was doing, and how humanity can learn to connect with loved ones in spirit. Anthony’s message is that he still exists and is very much a part of the world. He is connected on a soul level, a bond which could not be broken even after he left his physical body. He shares evidence that he does exist and that everyone has the ability to connect with their deceased loved ones. Ant becomes the guide on this journey, with his mother channeling her son’s spirit and sharing their story of courage, growth and healing through her grief. Terri-Ann is particularly well suited for her role in this book, for she was a gifted intuitive even as a child, with visions and premonitions. Her university education in Human Services and Development further prepared her for a career as a professional healer, channel, past-life regressionist, and medium. She and her son “created” From Death to Life: The Incredible True Story of Anthony Joseph to help us to understand the new knowledge that is being brought forth. We can all connect with spirit as we ascend, and we have the ability to heal within each of us. But first, we must begin to heal what has held us back over lifetimes. Their book is an excellent first step!

Terri-Ann has always had a connection with the spirit world but fought her true calling for many years while living a life that was not hers. She raised a family in a small town in New Jersey until her youngest daughter was born wih a life-threatening illness. Her life shifted then, and through the healing and growth that was needed to help her daughter heal, she discovered her true calling in energy healing. This experience solidified the need for her to continue the path of learning all that she could about energy healing and being a medium. She spent many more years studying with mentors and meditating to enhance her gifts and understand them better. Currently the owner and founder of Sassy Soul Energy Healing in Sedona, Arizona, she was guided to the area while meditating on a hiking trip to the famous Airport Mesa Trail. She soon found herself guided to the Sedona Soul Sisters, an organization of gifted professional psychics who “welcomed her home” with open arms and with whom she is now associated as a member of the staff. Considered a multi-dimensional healer, Terri-Ann works through angels such as Archangel Michael and Mother Mary, as well as with other galactic beings. Her training is extensive in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki, Theta healing, Quantum healing, and Energy Transfer Reset, as well as her own modality: Soul Matters Activations. Terri-Ann has devoted her life to her family and spends much time with all of them. She enjoys meditating, hiking, yoga and just being with her family. She now devotes her time between her healing business and writing the future books that are being birthed. She is determined to bring Anthony’s message to the masses to help others understand that there is NO DEATH.