A Wealthy Life for Her…with Tresa Leftenant, CFP®

Financial- How To Create Curiosity And Attract More Sales

Guest: Nikki Rausch, Your Sales Maven
Description: Nikki Rausch, Founder and CEO of Your Sales Maven, an organization dedicated to authentic selling has a unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling”. Nikki has popular books on Amazon – The Selling Staircase, Buying Signals and Six-Word Lessons on Influencing with Grace. Tresa and Nikki dive deep into Nikki’s Selling Staircase and reveal the secrets that produce game changing financial outcomes for her clients. Not just for salespeople, this inspiring conversation can help you have more influence with others as you pursue a wealth life. Tresa reveals how having a daily gratitude practice can help you overcome challenges and attract more abundance and joy into your life.
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