Feed Your Body, Fuel Your Love Life

We can only show up for life and love as good as we feel. The reality is when we feel crappy, we show up to conversations, and tasks (like love making) well…crappy. It’s common for us to think, “I’ll do better when I feel better,” without realizing, chances are you’re not going to feel better anytime soon! Why? Because how we feel stems from the thoughts we think, and the actions we do or don’t do. But, before you lose all hope, and throw in the towel, please know, we all have the power to feel better quickly. All we need to do is begin to take care of our bodies and minds.

Using some simple steps to take care of our bodies will help us feel like living and loving again. Join us in the Love Shack this week with Mariola Porras of Healthy Living as we dive into the very first steps we need to do to feed our bodies so we can spark up some love and joy in life again. Guess what?! Things are about to get really good…ooh la la!

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