Farewell From KKNW Show

After more than 200 episodes which began in August 2018, Skip and Sha’ron will broadcast their final show on KKNW. But the show isn’t over! Tune in to the show to find out more information on what’s to come in The Psychic Spectrum moving forward!

Did you know you have psychic ability? That’s the belief of Sha’ron and Skip, hosts of The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, and they want to help you release your inner power.

Sha’ron and Skip further their life’s mission of teaching the entire spectrum in the metaphysical world, in order to awaken or facilitate one’s journey on their spiritual path. Thus, the name Psychic Spectrum. They do their work through hosting weekly Psychic Showcases and monthly Talking to the Other Side events, as well as organizing classes, workshops, ghost hunts, UFO watching events, special guest speaker events, and so much more.

Sha’ron was born with her gifts and Skip received his gifts, after a profound near death experience in 1976. They conduct their readings together, and work as one, to deliver the maximum amount of information for their clients.

Skip and Sha’ron have been married for 47 years. They have devoted the majority of their lives to teaching the Metaphysical and helping others. They formed the “Psychic Spectrum” in 1998 as a means to teach “The Entire Spectrum” in the Metaphysical and the Paranormal. They do this through conducting 17 live events each month. . .all online and most for FREE.

Skip and Sha’ron are strongly committed to ethical practices and operate only in The White Light. Sha’ron and Skip have performed over 75,000 readings. They have clients in 50 states, and in 17 countries. Their readings generally last from 60 to 90 minutes, and are recorded with the recording then emailed to you.

For more information, log on to www.psychicspectrum.com, call 253-335-3340, or email office@psychicspectrum.com.