American Road Trip Talk

Extinction Theatre

American Road Trip Talk hosted by Foster Braun is a talk show that celebrates travel across the two-lane highways of North America. This unique broadcast is an extension of American Road Magazine. Join Foster Braun, Your host and our guide on the American Road Trip Talk Show. The spring 2011 edition of the American Road Magazine is centered around dinosaurs and their many manifestations along the highways of North America. One of our articles presented The Extinction Theatre part of the Talisman Energy Fossil Exhibition housed in the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada. Our guest for this American Road TripTalk is Dr. Steve Cumbaa, a paleontologist at the museum and one of the scientific advisors who helped create the Extinction Theatre. He’ll describe the show which is actually a truly unique multi-media experience that chronicles the passing of the great thunder lizards and the dawn of a new age for the earth ruled by mammals.