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Every Day Peace

If you’re like most of us, there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be. You have a strong sense that there is more and that you can do and have better, that your life can be everything you dream of — But until now, there has been something standing between you and that reality.

Could spending less time focusing on outcomes and more time focusing on the systems that precede the results be the answer? Is it possible that what you really want — no matter what you want — are the changes that will transform you into the person you want to be?

If you can envision the person you want to become and the life you want to live, you can develop the systems needed to make it happen, Dr. Dravon James can show you how.

Dr. Dravon James is a Transformation Specialist, inspirational speaker, radio host, life coach, and author of Freedom is Your Birthright. She is the founder of the Next Step Leadership Academy and Every Day Peace, a platform for her to help and inspire others to build the life of their dreams. She also hosts her own weekly radio show “Dr. Dravon James, Every Day Peace” on Unity Radio.
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