Episode 16: Saving Money on Everyday Business Expenses

Looking for a simple way to cut costs in your business? In this episode of Digital Connections, your host, Nancee Johnson, chats with Schooley Mitchell strategic partner, Rob Sullivan about their streamlined solution to help you cut costs while identifying billing errors, eliminating redundancies, and outsourcing a portion of the vendor management needed to run a business.

Guest Bio
Rob Sullivan is a strategic partner with Schooley Mitchell helping his clients get the best business services at the best price.

With expertise in telecommunications, transportation, inventory management, manufacturing and supply chain management, Rob improves services and processes, growing revenues and enhancing the client experience. A dynamic leader and problem solver with excellent organizational skills, he implements new programs that reduce costs and increase productivity.

Contact Info:
Rob Sullivan
Website: www.schooleymitchell.com/rsullivan/
Franchise Information: https://www.schooleymitchell.com/opportunity/