Episode 13: Trading Opportunities

Digital Connections is all about opportunities. Your host, Nancee Johnson, is joined by Vance Cast and Ed Gorman from The S&P 500 Trading Group with information to help you navigate the world of trading. Their group allows members to learn directly from the pros as they show you profitable trading strategies and techniques to develop a true understanding of the markets, providing strategies to help maximize profits. They also provide mentoring and continued support after the initial training has ended. Ultimately, it can be an amazing opportunity for the right entrepreneur, or someone looking for a lucrative side-hustle.

Guest Bio

S&P 500 Futures Trading Group was created by Vance Cast in 2009. He obtained his first securities license in 1986 and has been an investor ever since. Over the years he recognized that most of the public and common people didn’t know how millionaires really traded. At the same time, he had a friend that was looking for a valid trading group.

Vance has a deep desire to see people succeed. He didn’t want to see his friend or average people taken advantage of, or see them spend thousands of dollars on a program that had no support.

This is how S&P 500 Trading Group was inspired. Vance created a transparent online community of people who could learn and trade together. He developed a simple and effective method to help people understand how the market works and provided them a support system to help them profit from the various patterns & trends of the market.

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