Episode 12: Let’s Talk Beyond Wealth

Title: Episode 12: Let’s Talk Beyond Wealth

Show Description:
How do you feel about managing the wealth that you have? Is it affecting your business? Believe it or not, financial independence and business ownership can go hand-in-hand. It starts with a great plan, and finding the right advisors. Randa Hoffman with Radiant Wealth Management joins Digital Connections to talk about how to do this. While Randa does serve women exclusively, the advice that she shares can help any business owner begin to manage their wealth effectively.

Guest Bio
Randa Hoffman is the owner, an independent financial planner, and fee-only fiduciary at Radiant Wealth Planning, a financial planning and investment management firm exclusively for women. She helps ease the uncertainty around retirement, tax planning, and transitioning wealth so that women can live a life they’ve always dreamt of. She holds an MBA and EA, and lives in Newport Beach, CA.

Contact Info:
Randa Hoffman
(949) 229-2343