Entrepreneur Panel – Paving a new way forward

Topic: Entrepreneur Panel – Paving a new way forward

Description: In the tenth month of the Pandemic, over 100,000 small businesses have closed across the country. This has been an unpredictable year like no other but today’s guests have found their way through. Tresa talks to six founders of unique businesses about the lessons they learned, how the events of this year have changed them as individuals and business owners, and how they are planning to thrive in 2021. Tresa begins the show by discussing the three purposes of a written business plan, the five elements lenders and investors look for, and how to increase the potential that your business plan will succeed by sharing it with team members and clients.
Maureen Kures, Founder of Radiant Mourning – Episode 1 and 9 https://www.radiantmourning.com/
Annette Bond, Certified Image Consultant – Episode 30 https://www.annettebond.com/
Christina Stapke, Integrative and Functional Dietitian – Episode 25 https://www.christinastapkerdn.com/
Erin Papwort, Founder Nav.it – Episode 20 https://navitmoney.com/
Dani Green, Founder Higher Path Healing – Episode 6 https://www.danigreen.today/
Karen Rae, Founder Fave Lifestyles – Episode 13 https://www.favelifestyles.com/

Host: Tresa Leftenant, Reinventing Her Money
Email: tresa.leftenant@lpl.com
Website: https://www.reinventinghermoney.com/