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encore: Why Choose Custom-Designed, Stainless Steel Railing for Your Home

Do you want to learn how to purchase many of the brand new architectural components you will need in your new home at up to a 50% discount? Then listen to this week’s show.

In it, we discuss how certain architectural products can serve a dual purpose in your new home. We illustrate this concept with one of those dual use architectural products; custom-designed, stainless steel railing systems.

I use this product to introduce you to a trending construction process known as “offsite construction” or “prefabrication”. We discuss what prefabrication is, and how the prefabrication of some of the architectural components in your home can really benefit you.

By the way…I work for AGS Stainless, Inc. (AGS), and 100% prefabrication is the process we use to fabricate our railing systems.

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