Designing and Building Your Dream Home

encore: What To Look For When Choosing Your Windows And Doors

Guest: Eve Guilbaud, Architectural Manager, Loewen Windows and Doors

Which windows and doors you choose for your home will probably be one of the most important decisions your make in the design of your custom home. Among other considerations, this decision will impact how much outdoor noise and heat penetrates into your home – as well as how much it costs to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. My guest, Eve Guilbaud, Architectural Manager at Loewen Windows and Doors; walks us through which raw materials make for the best window and doors, and why. She also discusses how to identify custom windows and doors created by artisan craftsmen; versus windows and doors manufactured for a mass audience. Don’t make your choice based on brochures and internet images alone. To get the highest quality products, Eve teaches us what questions to ask a window and door manufacturer, and why these questions are important.