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Elmer Dixon, Larry Gossett, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz and more

Thursday, October 20 on Urban Forum Northwest :

*Elmer Dixon, President, Executive Diversity Services, a Co Founder, Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party comments on one of his comrades from the Panther days, the late Garry Owens who passed away September 30. Elmer will comment from Ireland.
*Larry Gossett shares his memories of his Black Panther and U W Black Student Union (BSU) days with the late Garry Owens who was an advocate for the people all of his days, including his employment with the City of Seattle.
*Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz talks about his vision for the city’s law enforcement agency. Comments on his efforts to reduce crime and the challenges of his under staffed department, and how he will engage the various communities in Seattle.
*Reverend Harriett Walden, Founder, Mothers for Police Accountability comments on the post pandemic work of Mothers and how her organization has worked with now permanent Chief Adrian Diaz.

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