Elevate Your Image To Attract What You Desire

Guest: Annette Bond, Certified Image Consultant

Description: Annette Bond specializes in “professional presence.” She helps exceptional women elevate their image to align with their brand so they can attract more of what they want, a bigger career, more money, increased confidence, and complete authenticity! Tresa and Annette talk about why our image is important, how to create a wardrobe that supports your life and goals and how dressing authentically can support your Million Dollar Goal. Tresa shares three more steps from her upcoming eBook – 7 Steps to Accelerate Your Pursuit of a Million Dollar Financial Goal.
Email: annette@annettebond.com
Website: www.annettebond.com
Host: Tresa Leftenant, Reinventing Her Money
Email: tresa.leftenant@lpl.com
Website: https://www.reinventinghermoney.com/