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Efforts to restore Affirmative Action in WA state

Thursday, December 9 on Urban Forum Northwest on 1150 AM guests for the hour are:

*Attorney Jesse Wineberry, Washington Equity Now (WENA) comments on the organizations efforts to restore Affirmative Action in the state. He was disappointed that Governor Jay Inslee didn’t show up for a meeting that Governor scheduled with Black Leaders.

*Bob Armstead, Washington State Civil Rights Coalition, the architect of the United States Department of Justice that documented the discrimination against African Descendants of the United States Enslaved (Blacks that have been here for 400 years)in Washington State.

*Attorney Karama Hawkins, Washington Equity Now Alliance (WENA) had hoped for a celebration of the rescinding of Governors Directive 98-01 by Governor Inslee on Tuesday Morning. GD 98-01 killed Affirmative Action in Washington State.

Roundtable with Central Area Documentary Project and Black Box Digital Films

*Greg Allen, Director&President

*Robert Gant, Vice President

*Roger Evans, Owner, Black Box Digital Films

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