American Road Trip Talk

Eco Trek: Plant Power

American Road Trip Talk hosted by Foster Braun is a talk show that celebrates travel across the two-lane highways of North America. This unique broadcast is an extension of American Road Magazine. Join Foster Braun, Your host and our guide on the American Road Trip Talk Show. Tom Holm is a man on a mission to change the way Americans travel our favorite roadways without becoming enslaved to foreign oil based fuels. In early 2011, Tom completed a 10,000-mile Eco Trek from coast to coast and back powered solely by cellulosic ethanol. It’s a fuel derived from cornhusks, stalks, and other plant byproducts and is currently produced by a company named POET. Our conversation with Tom talks about the incredible event that turned his life around 180 degrees to plant based fuels and is now leading him on a quest that could have profound impact on the defenses of our nation.