Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

Dr. Frank Kinslow

We have become busier and busier, distracted by the chaos, and quick to neglect the unhealed parts of us, in order to keep on going. But what happens when we just stop and sit in the nothingness? How can it change our lives for the better?

Learn how Dr. Frank Kinslow at the age of 61, after losing his job, and relationship, while dealing with physical pain, essentially hitting rock bottom, chose to sit and do nothing. In the nothingness is where he ultimately found himself, his purpose, and his utmost success.

Dr. Kinslow is a Chiropractic Physician, Author, and Founder of Quantum Entrainment. Tune in Wednesday 5/3 at 2-3pm pst for another Love From The Hyp to hear Dr. Kinslow share more of his story. He will also shed light on what his discovery of Quantum Entrainment or QE is, including the experiences accompanying it like the EuFeeling and AweFeeling. He will explain what these are and how these simple daily practices can completely change your life as they have his and so many others!

You won’t want to miss this insightful show!