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Dr. Buck Blodgett Author of ‘A Message from Jessie’ Believes That Love is Greater Than Hate

Dr. Buck Blodgett founded the LOVE>hate Project after his daughter was murdered in her home by a friend. It is an effort to end male violence against women. Jessie was just 19 with great vision for the work she wanted to do and the instrument of change she aimed to be. She was, and rather than her dreams being extinguished by her brutal death, it has caused her family and friends to spread her message: that Love is Greater than Hate. Dr. Blodgett has written “A Message From Jessie: The Incredible True Story of Murder and Miracles in the Heartland” and demonstrates his belief in forgiveness, not vengeance. Which does not mean condoning the negative acts and behavior, but forgiving the person.

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