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Dr. Becky Bell: Salty Fries and Compromise

Stacy’s Observations and Conversations are heavily influenced this week by the fact that it’s her 31st wedding anniversary. She shares the advice of Sima Aunty from Indian Matchmaker, when it comes to your expectations, compromise! The timing of her topic and her guests’ availability are proof of Divine intervention. Dr. Becky Bell has been called to mediate since childhood (being number five of eight kids will do that). Her unique skills and abilities paired with her calling to create safe, peaceful spaces for everyone to be seen and heard, resulted in her consulting business, Common Ground Conflict Solutions. Learn more about Becky by checking out her website, following her on Instagram at @iamdoctorbee or find her on LinkedIn. And in the meantime, next time you’re impatient for salty fries look around, you’re not alone!