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Destination You, Heal Through Spirit

Colby Wilk is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Guide and healer. Colby uses highly -developed intuitive skills to help you transform yourself. When you accept yourself and your divinity, well-being arises. What was unhealable heals. What was unchangeable changes – sometimes instantly.

While a counselor and coach, Colby recognized a power beyond traditional therapeutic methods that could shift what seemed unchangeable – the very core of a person. Colby assists his students and clients in gaining a greater connection to themselves and higher realms. And not just for a moment, but in a profound ongoing way. With compassion and humor, Colby partners with you to help you take your heroic journey into self-mastery.  What Colby offers is not a miracle, although it is sometimes miraculous.  Colby earned his Master’s from NYU and his Bachelor’s from SUNY Albany, graduating Cum Laude. He has training in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, Core Energetics, Reiki, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra Qigong and has studied with Linda Caesara and Pat Fields. For more information, please visit