The Original Loretta Brown Show

Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint

Loretta Brown welcomes System Work Specialist, Judy Wilkins-Smith!

Have you found yourself getting lost in endless cycles of negative thinking? If so, you’re not alone. In recent years, negativity seems to have invaded every aspect of our lives. From social media trends to the film & TV industry, it has become a cultural phenomenon in our day-to-day lives to align and identify with the worst things that have happened to us.

We are so much more than our traumas or the victims of our circumstances. It is time to refocus our purpose on finding and developing the gifts that we have been granted, the communities that support us, and the ability to constantly evolve into better versions of ourselves.

Now, the question is how do we break these cycles and prioritize positivity in our lives?

Judy is a highly regarded Family Patterns, Systemic Work & Constellations expert, transformational coach, motivational speaker, and author who is passionate about individual growth, visionary leadership, and positive, accelerated, global change. The Founder of System Dynamics for Individuals and Organizations, she has 18 years of expertise assisting high-performance individuals, Fortune 500 executives (Chevron, JP Morgan, Kellogg’s, ExxonMobil), and legacy families end limiting cycles and create lasting breakthroughs and transitions into peak performance. She is a regular guest on TV news and entertainment shows, and is the author of Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint: A Powerful Guide to Transformation Through Disentangling Multi-generational Patterns (Sounds True).

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