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Creating an Authentic Presence On-Line

Creating an Authentic Presence On-Line
Guest: Richard Bliss, Founder Bliss Point Consulting and Funding the Dream Podcast
Description: Wonder whether you are wasting your time on social media? Are you working hard to gain new followers only to realize that’s not what it’s really about? Our guest, Richard Bliss, is a LinkedIn Top Voices Influencer, an experienced executive communications manager, and a social media coach. He has helped thousands of people master social media tools and become fluent in social conversations, building their platforms and confidence to effectively reach their audience. Tresa and Richard talk about the mystery of how to use social media for business, for career pursuits and for persona. Richard shares how to create an authentic presence on-line and how professional women can best interact on-line. Tresa starts the show talking about the journey to living and being authentically you.

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Website: https://www.blisspointconsult.com/
Host: Tresa Leftenant, CFP®, Reinvention Mentor and Money Mindset Guide for Women

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