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Conscious Bravery

Today, Loretta welcomes Pamela Brinker who is a psychotherapist who’s been in private practice, more than thirty years, helping those who have loved ones struggling with additions..She understands first hand – she has family members who are addicts. She’s a meditator and yoga enthusiast. Pamela can explain that there’s no – one size fits all, for recovery. Every situation is different. However, Love and Kindness is needed for all addiction situations. Pamela received her Masters in Social Work from University of Denver and has been an LCSW since 1991. She’s the author of the new book CONSCIOUS BRAVERY Caring for Someone with Addiction (May 2022). Pamela has treated thousands of clients and has developed over 20 tools and practices to teach conscious bravery. Also a speaker and trainer, Pamela leads groups and workshops on a variety of themes including supporting loved ones with addition, bravery, healing grief, transforming fear and cultivating happiness. Find out more about her at: