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Congressman Gregory Meeks

*Congressman Gregory Meeks, (D) 5th Congressional District, New York has been a leading voice for action and equality in the Coronavirus testing and treatment where New York City is the epicenter.

*Carolyn Riley Payne, President, Seattle Branch NAACP comments in what she sees an injustice in prioritizing the testing and treatment of African Americans who are registering the highest percentages of deaths.

*Clarence Gunn, President, Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) is hosting teleconference calls with Black Community members regarding the impact of Covid-19 in Martin Luther King Jr. County and Washington State.

*Smeth Mell, Coalition of Immigrants, Refugees, and Communities of Color will join Juan Jose Bocanegra, El Committee’ (sounds like Boca has the virus right now) will comment on the impact of the Coronavirus in communities of color..