Urban Forum Northwest

Congressman Adam Smith, Marilyn Strickland and more…

*Congressman Adam Smith (D) represent Washington’s 9th Congressional District he is Chair, House Armed Services Committee comments on his priorities for his district and his outlook for election day next Tuesday.

*Marilyn Strickland, the former Mayor of Tacoma WA is a candidate for US Congress in Washington State’s 10th Congressional District that includes Tacoma and parts of the South Puget Sound Counties. She will reveal her vision for her district.

*Jamila Taylor is a Democrat Candidate for State Representative in the 30th Legislative District Position 1. She will comment on her vision for her district and the state if elected.

*State Representative Jesse Johnson represents the 30th Legislative District Position 2 is seeking reelection on the office that he has held since January, 2020. He will comment on his accomplishments during the term that he served.