Don’t Ask Me to Talk with Stacy Heller

Confucius Says Stay Hydrated in bed

What would Confucius think about the tradition of adding “in bed” to the pearls of wisdom found within fortune cookies? He was probably too wise to care; meanwhile, Stacy and Eric have thoughts about the conspiracy that is coffee/Starbucks/biscotti day. They share fond thoughts about some of their favorite books from childhood. Stacy has a lot to add between her own childhood and that of her kids, but who are we kidding? Eric’s list has far more depth. Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen and Nourish Catering starts out talking about coffee and somehow works his way to honey cake; it’s always a twisty, tasty conversation with the “Deli Dude.” Go to or for menus and more. Next time: What’s in your fridge?