A Wealthy Life for Her…with Tresa Leftenant, CFP®

Confidence – Your Greatest Commodity

Cindy Whitmer embodies how building confidence is a key element of living a wealthy life. Fondly called The Confidence Coach, Cindy teaches her clients how confidence plays a major role in transforming their lives and accomplishing the success and happiness they desire. Tresa and Cindy discuss how confidence is our greatest commodity and how a lack of confidence can drain our energy and stop us from pursuing what we really want.
Confidence is a mindset and can be built from the inside by focusing on our strengths, things we have survived, and by reframing events that we consider mistakes as feedback for how to go in a new direction. Confidence means paying close attention to how we speak to ourselves and how we present ourselves to others. Tresa starts the show by sharing an important study on women, money and power and how the financial services industry can serve women more effectively.
Guest: Cindy D. Whitmer
Company: The Inspiration Center
Email: cindy@cindydwhitmer.com
Phone: 913-370-1625
Website: www.cindydwhitmer.com/
Host: Tresa Leftenant CFP®
Company: Reinventing Her Money
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Phone: 425-830-6328
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