Compassion Heals

Special Guest Lee Tomlinson –

The life mission of “Patient Lee” is to inspire healthcare professionals to return compassionate care to its rightful place at the forefront of modern healthcare — to benefit patients, their families, the bottom line; and perhaps most importantly, their often suffering, “burned-out” selves.

Finding this mission wasn’t even remotely easy.

Award-winning television producer, movie studio executive and owner, former professional athlete, and TED Talk speaker, “Patient Lee” is alive today due to the combination of a lifetime of extraordinarily effective medical treatment and deeply kind, compassionate care.

Unfortunately, during a recent battle with Stage 3+ throat cancer, “Patient Lee” became painfully aware of the trauma caused by treatment lacking in compassion that drove him to the darkest of depths. What saved him from this bout with depression was a tiny, simple, yet powerful act of compassion delivered by a loving doctor and friend.

Inspiring the C.A.R.E. Effect

This single act of compassion not only reinvigorated “Patient Lee’s” will to fight and live, but also sparked within him an impassioned desire to devote himself to reconnecting every healthcare professional with the immense and scientifically proven power of compassion to heal the mind, body, and souls of not only their patients…but themselves as well.

The C.A.R.E. Effect Movement

With his renewed zeal for life and a newfound purpose, “Patient Lee” created The C.A.R.E. Effect Movement. This Movement is designed to reconnect America’s 12.5 million healthcare professionals with the compassion that got them into healthcare in the first place. Then, do whatever is necessary to prevent the “burn-out” that affects over 60% of these vital caretakers, rendering them unable to provide compassion to their patients, themselves, or anyone else. And finally, once healed of their own distress, to reignite these dedicated professionals, and inspire them to redouble their efforts in providing even more compassion than before — all to better heal their patients and the world.
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