Wisdom From The Wardrobe

Color Crush

Join Michael Bruce Image Consulting for the latest episode of “Wisdom from the Wardrobe,” where the team delves into the captivating world of fashion, style, and color. In this week’s show, they unravel the Pantone color trends for Fall/Winter 2023, offering insights and inspiration for the style-savvy. From the rich allure of “Viva Magenta” to the rustic charm of “Burnt Sienna” and the natural serenity of “Coconut Milk” to the warm coziness of “Doe,” they explore the spectrum of shades that will set the fashion scene abuzz. Beyond just naming colors, the team describe the hues, discuss the undertones and touch on ways to pair the colors in unique ways to express your individuality through color. Tune in as the style-forward team shares their thoughts on the seasons trend colors, and of course there is the usual banter and fun. Don’t miss this episode—it’s your passport to elevate your fashion game and transform your closet into a canvas of creativity. Get ready to make a statement with “Wisdom from the Wardrobe”