Wisdom From The Wardrobe

Capsule Conundrum

Welcome to Wisdom From the Wardrobe with your favorite style-savvy squad – The Michael Bruce Image Consulting team! This week’s episode noted the sad news of the passing of legendary fashion designer Mary Quant, and the team discussed quintessential Quant style. Before moving on to the topic of the week, a dive into the world of capsule wardrobes! Capsules aren’t just for pills anymore! They explored where the trend started, how people are flaunting their mini wardrobes on social media, and most importantly, what you need to know before you try it out yourself.

Not all capsules are created equal, so don’t be fooled by those perfectly curated Instagram grids and reels. Listen in as your style team gives you the inside scoop on what to take into consideration when viewing other people’s ideas of a capsule wardrobe. They have some wardrobe wisdom to share on what it takes to curate a capsule closet that is authentically you. So, sit back relax and let the Michael Bruce Image Consulting team take you on a style journey like no other. Happy Listening!