Bust Your Buttons

For Amy’s weekly fireside chat, she shares the hot button concept that family pushes our buttons because they were the ones who put them there. Naturally this leads to tangents that include, but are not limited to; Randy’s clippings, whether screenshots are essentially modern clippings, favorite emojis for texting, how to say gif (Jiff or giff) and the language of memes. Amy welcomes longtime friend Tori Berntsen to chat about “forced family fun” – what it means to moms versus kids, how to not hit the panic button as kids hit the eject button and what it becomes for everyone down the road a bit (right on the button). The show ends with 80’s TV trivia, which at the touch of a button, she can answer in a way that is, Eternally Amy. To learn more, find her book or connect with Amy, go to www.amylizharrison.com