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Bob Armstead, President, Washington State Chapter-National Association of Minority Contractors and more..

Thursday, September 7 on Urban Forum Northwest:

*Bob Armstead, President, Washington State Chapter-National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) comments on the White House’s Justice 40 Initiative. For the first time in our nations history the Federal Government has made it a goal for 40% of the overall benefits of certain Federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities that have been burdened by pollution.

*Lyle Quasim, Chair, Tacoma-Pierce County Black Collective comments on the accomplishment, goals and aspirations of the organizations that has represented the interest of the Black Community for over fifty years. The Saturday morning forum has participation from elected officials, community leaders, and citizens who want to make a difference.

*Korbett Mosesly, Publisher of Opportunity Link, a publication committed to fostering economic opportunity and advancing equitable community investment across the Puget Sound region.Their platform is designed to bridge gaps and empower growth, and connect individuals and organizations striving for positive change.

Dr. Brent Jones, Superintendent, Seattle Public Schools is dedicated to making sure that all students thrive by transforming organizational culture and redesigning PreK-12 systems and support. Dr. Jones has demonstrated experience creating the right conditions and systems for advancing educational justice.

*LaNesha DeBardelaben, President & CEO, Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) invites you to this years Elders Circle Inductees and Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 10, 2:00-3:00 pm. The 2023 recognition go to four individuals known for their lifetime commitment to our community. The Inductees are Dr. Mona Lake Jones, Kibibi Monie, Claude Burfect, and Lyle Quasim.

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