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Be the Caregiver & Be Cared For with Michele Magner

The caregiving journey can be like the story of the frog that comes to a slow boil. Things start off slowly enough and then you realize that you’re in full caregiver mode and starting to drown. When you take on the identity of “family caregiver” it is like a life raft full of supplies and resources to help you survive this time in life. It takes a tender tenacity to be in this role. Michele Magner has a passion for connecting with people as we navigate the adventures of aging and caregiving! For many years she was gifted the privilege of caring for both of her grandmothers and in-laws as they navigated dementia, terminal cancer, senior living, moving out of their homes and everything in between through end of life care.

Website: https://michelemagner.com/

The Peace We Crave Show with Tanya D. – Find Your Freedom in Addiction Recovery

Are you affected by addiction and struggling to find hope? You don’t have to feel this way anymore! Welcome to The Peace We Crave: Find Your Freedom in Addiction Recovery with your host Tanya D! Spiritual Life Recovery Coach Tanya D uses a unique holistic approach of meditation, Reiki energy and sound healing, and spiritual life transformation to help you to find peace and serenity.

Website: https://www.thepeacewecrave.com/