Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

Barbara Becker author of “Heartwood- The Art of Living With The End In Mind”

Tune in for this edition of Love From The Hyp, as Barbara Becker joins us to discuss her new book, “Heartwood- The Art of Living With The End In Mind”.

Barbara is an Interfaith Minister, Author, and Human Rights Activist, and will share her personal journey of how she came to understand death, in order to live her life more purposefully.

What started as an experiment with death-choosing to live her life for one full year as if she was dying, upon learning of her best friend’s terminal cancer, turned into a lifelong quest to make peace with death. Barbara will share her stories of inspiring and influential people, some familiar, and some, complete strangers who she met while volunteering in hospice, who not only left impressions on her heart, but also helped her to understand mortality even more.

Listen in as we will discuss mortality and how and why you’d want to face it, rather than turn away from it. As an Interfaith Minister, she will also share what we can learn about death and grief from other religious traditions outside of our own, and the importance of normalizing conversations about death with our children.

You won’t want to miss this insightful interview!