Urban Forum Northwest

Banning caste-based discrimination in Seattle

Guests include:

Ijeoma Olou, an Author who spoke at the Seattle City Council in support of banning caste-based discrimination.

Gerald Bradford, President, Central District Community Preservation and Development Authority (CDCPDA)

Former State Representative Velma Veloria is Chair, King County International Airport Community Coalition ( KCIACC)

Samir Khobragade is an anti-caste activist who authored the op ed:Seattle Must Ban Caste Discrimination.

Reverend Dr. Robert L. Jeffrey Sr., Pastor, New Hope Missionary Church compares fighting caste oppression with fighting racism

Rita Meher, Co Founder and Executive Director of Tasveer and an Indigenous Adivasi ( caste oppressed group)

Christian Poulsen represents the Duwamish River Coalition

Chef Jemil Hill, Owner, Bon Repas LLC dba jemilsbigeasy