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Automatic Writing Experience

Michael Sandler is a mystical teacher and the host of the massively popular Inspire Nation Show, a transformational, self-help, spiritually focused YouTube channel and podcast that has radically transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide while producing over 2000 shows. He is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and the co-creator of the School of Mystics, and AWE, the Automatic Writing Experience. A former pro-athlete, and near life-long meditation practitioner it was two near-death experiences (NDEs) that completely transformed his life. These NDEs led Michael to a much deeper understanding of the world, of spirit, and of our connection to something greater than ourselves. He calls this “getting the big picture” and from that, his program and Amazon #1 Best-Seller AWE, the Automatic Writing Experience emerged, and the wildly popular School of Mystics, now teaching thousands of “MIT’s” (Mystics in Training), around the globe. His Inspire Nation Show can be found on YouTube, iTunes, and nearly every podcast platform out there, or at the and his courses and the School of Mystics can be found at His best-selling book and program, for turning your journaling into channeling to help you hear from Spirit, gain direction, and get unstuck, AWE, can be found at