Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

Author, Teacher, Energy Healer, and Soul Coach, Dr. Rima Bonario

What happens when we women fully embody our feminine sovereignty? What does sovereignty even mean? Why has it been so challenging for us to step into our power so that we can live our lives fully? How can we balance our feminine and masculine energies in order to thrive instead of just survive in this world?
On this Love From The Hyp, we will dive deep into feminine sovereignty with Dr. Rima Bonario. Dr. Rima is an Author, Teacher, Energy Healer, and Soul Coach.
She will share wisdom from her new book, “The Seven Queendoms-A SoulMap for Embodying Sacred Feminine Sovereignty”, including the 7 Queen Archetypes that exist within, why they are important to connect with, how each one makes up our sovereignty as a whole, how to stand in our sovereignty and how to maintain it. She will also share her own personal journey in awakening her sacred feminine energy and so much more!