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Author, & Founder Of The Herbiary Retail Stores, Maia Toll

Award-winning and best-selling Author, & Founder of the Herbiary retail stores, Maia Toll joins us to share her own story of her magical becoming from her latest book, “Letting Magic In”. 

Maia will reveal what she believes magic to be, how her life transformed when she acknowledged the magic around her and began to let it in. She will also share wisdom gained on her journey from Brooklyn to Ireland, where she studied and learned to create a relationship with plants and the earth, under the guidance of a well-known herbalist.

She will also touch on and share bits of wisdom from her other informative & beautiful books, “The Illustrated Crystallary”, “The Illustrated Bestiary”, “The Illustrated Herbiary” and “The Wild Wisdom Companion”, in addition to chatting about her perpetual journal, “Everday Magic” which will be out in stores soon!

If you are feeling a pull to step into your own magic or are curious about what that could be, you’ll want to listen in to this interview!