Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

Author, Coach Trainer, Seattle Radio Personality, and Podcaster, Laurie Hardie

Laurie Hardie joins us to share wisdom from her book, “Did Not See That Coming-hope for the single parent”. Laurie is an Author, Coach Trainer, Seattle Radio Personality, and Podcaster.

Listen in as Laurie shares her story of becoming a single parent of three, not only unexpectedly, but also rather quickly. She will reveal some of the challenges she faced, what she did to persevere, and how she found her new normal.

Plus Laurie will discuss the work she does now; coaching others to write their own story, create their own podcast, and also, reveal their own transformative story with the world in hopes of helping others, through her new podcast. She will offer up a few tips for writing and podcasting, and for living a fulfilled life!

You won’t want to miss this insightful and inspirational discussion!