Talk Cosmos

Aquarius Cosmic Collaboration: Developing Perspectives & Year of the Metal Ox.

Aquarius Cosmic Collaboration considers what perspectives might develop incorporating the traditional western astrological significance with the Chinese New Year celebrating the White Metal Ox, besides other calendars such as the Mayan astrological calendar beginning this year on February 19 in a Year Bearing Lord sign. In a cycle devoted to developmental perspectives in response to the current lunar nodes Gemini for the north and Sagittarius for the south, these calendars offer insights to the possibilities of developing perspectives. Joining Sue Rose Minahan, Astrologer consultant for the Cosmic Collaboration panel: Shannon Hayes of Indiana and Amanda Pierce of Seattle, Washington.

Shannon Hayes, Certified Evolutionary Astrologer Consultant with a focus including Mayan Astrology, a professional Hair designer, photographer, nature-lover, animal activist and stargazer. A member of Cosmic Collaboration since October 2019, Shannon’s schedule alters her availability when Talk Cosmos shifts to their live event starting March 7 to be on Sundays at 1 pm Pacific. We welcome her possible return.

Amanda Pierce, eclectic Astrologer & Energy Consultant, teaches Empowerment-based Meditation 4-week series classes, holds a B.A. in Psychology, writes &U edits professionally. A Seattlite and member of Cosmic Collaboration since October 2018.