Team Doney Coe

Another Step Forward

It took a long time for Doney Coe to get our clinic up and running several days a week in order to be able to accommodate more pets AND their people. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. But change happens and the current location will be redeveloped and Doney Coe will be finding a new space for their clinics. There is still a huge need for help for pets of unhoused and low income people, and for their people too. There will NOT be any interruption in services, and you’ll be able to get updates on as things move forward. We sill will need our volunteers, donors, and all of you who have played a huge part in getting Doney Coe and our services to where they are so far. The work continues, the mission continues, and we’ll keep you posted on everything so you all can follow progress.