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Remember the TV show “Frasier”, where he ran an on-air psychology radio show based in Seattle with the catchphrase “I’m listening”? Imagine that concept for animals, with a dose of Dr. Doolittle thrown in!

Animal Calls, hosted by Karpathia Kingsley, is a call-in show where you can ask tough questions about the pets and animals in your life. Animals, and especially pets, are part of the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide. Yet, many people don’t really understand the language that animals use to communicate with us. Often, needs communicated in the animal-specific language are misunderstood, leaving us to wonder why animals sometimes do strange, puzzling, annoying, or destructive things in their attempt to get our attention. That’s where Animal Calls comes to the rescue!

Karpathia Kingsley holds a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington. A survivor of the devastating 2018 Campfire in Paradise, California, she now resides on the Olympic Peninsula and maintains a ranch with a horse named Ed, two dogs, (Badger and Mr. Pants) four goats, two geese, chickens, finches, and a parrot. She’s well connected to animal behavior both in theory and in practice.

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